‘unStandard’ events integrate multiple art scenes

This article is about a local event planning company that aimed to bring many genres of art and creativity together into the same place. It was published in The Huntington News on Jan. 13, 2011. 

‘unStandard’ events integrate multiple art scenes

The All Asia bar and restaurant wasn’t crowded Tuesday, Jan. 4, but it was certainly lively. Many people were wearing decorated cone-shaped party hats and some had more unique headgear – a fake turkey, a trucker hat with a radio antenna, a handmade Jigglypuff Pokémon hat.

A small crowd stood gathered around the stage, watching the diverse artists perform. It wasn’t the standard bar show, which typically features several bands of the same genre. It included live music, stand-up comedy and DJs.

In the background, the 1970s German film, “Even Dwarfs Started Small” projected onto the wall, without sound.

This was the Day of the Fancy Hats, hosted by unStandard, a Boston-based event company which produces multi-genre art events, aimed at bringing people together. …

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