About me

Hi, I’m Anna. I graduated from Northeastern University with a B.A. in journalism in 2012. I completed my degree during the summer of 2012 while participating in an international program that brought my class to Turkey and Germany. From there, I traveled with my best friend for another month around Europe. I enjoyed my time traveling so much that I decided I needed to do whatever it would take in order to go abroad again and continue immersing myself in new cultures. Just under two years have gone by since then, and I have saved up enough money to leave my full-time job in the U.S. and travel extensively for a few months. My next adventure begins May 27, 2014 and I will start in Berlin. From there, I will go wherever the wind blows me.

I already have assignments to write about my travel experiences for various publications, but I’m always interested in taking on additional freelance opportunities that come my way. I’m also looking for a full-time writing job, particularly for when I return from my trip next fall. I’ve been freelancing for The Boston Globe since July 2011, contributing regularly to the American Student Assistance SALT Blog since Jan. 2013, and writing for The Globe’s new sister-site BDCWire since it launched in Oct. 2013.

As a writer, I regularly use social media platforms to engage with my readers. I use creative web search strategies for research and gathering sources for my stories. I have published many first-person narratives, thoroughly-reported features, interview/Q&A articles, how-to/advice posts, creative lists, and event coverage stories. I’m also experienced with taking photos and putting together multimedia packages (including metadata) for online presentation of my written work. I won an award from my university for my professional ethics standards, as I always follow a strict code of ethics in my reporting and writing.

Please take a look at my resume and my selection of clips by clicking on the menus above. You can read my recent blog posts if you click the links to my author pages for BDCwire and the SALT blog! Feel free to contact me at anna@annamarden.com

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